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Learn German with your Live Tutor

More than just teaching! - Targeted, individual and effective. Your personal language coaching.

Trial Class

Enjoy your 30-minutes one-on-one-Lesson
(available only once)

Now only 25 €

45 minutes

Your 45 minutes private lesson with your personal language coach.

Now only 47 €

COUPON - 10 hours

10 hours of one-to-one lessons with your personal language coach.

COUPON - 20 hours

20 hours of one-to-one lessons with your personal language coach.

Our Specials

SPECIAL: Perfect pronunciation

10 hours pronunciation training & accent reduction with your professional pronunciation coach.
Now only 730 €

SPECIAL: German for docters

10 hours German for docters & medical professionals with your one-to-one tutor.

SPECIAL: Job application training

3 hours job application training with your one-to-one language coach.

SPECIAL: Diamond - 50 hours

50 hours one-to-one tuition specially tailored to your specific needs.

Effective & professional

Speak like a native!

More success due to perfect German.

German for Business



Speaking like a native speaker without an accent, that works! Try it! As a professional pronunciation coach I accompany you effectively & professionally.

Speak fluently

Do you want to be able to communicate fluently without hesitating. No problem. I will help you achieve it!

Perfect pronunication

Do you want to talk like a professional speaker? You are at the right place. I show you the way to an accent-free, clear and articulate pronunciation.

Speak confidently

Self-confidence is the career factor number 1. Especially in a foreign language, therefore it is important to be able to act confidently and decisively.

german for you

effective - purposive - individual - professional

Coupon 10 hours

Learn German by Skype

with your personal language coach & your individual concept.

At your time

Do you want to be flexible in terms of time? Define yourself, when and where!

Whether in the office, at home, on a business trip in a hotel or in a café, yourself decide on when and where to do a session. Stay flexible and decide on how your personal coaching should fit into your daily routine.

At your place

No travelling time and even when traveling you take with you your personal coach, so it does not come to unwanted breaks. newly learned language skills an be saved in a brain-based way and for the learning progress counter-productive interruptions are eliminated.


Why a one-to-one lesson via Skype? You receive an individual training tailored exactly to your needs. In addition to time and place, you also determine speed and intensity.

From the beginning you are required to speak and not unwittingly memorize the mistakes heard by others. The coaching is thus exactly adapted to your needs, so that you can make great progress in a short time.


Our pool of methods is based on the latest knowledge in brain research to guarantee you a highly efficient learning and working process as well as a quick sense of achievement.


Your Coaching will be continuously adapted and tuned to your current needs. Topics can be changed flexibly at any time and without prior notice.


Do you have any inhibitions about speaking in the new language? Are you afraid of failing?

Learn how to cope with stage fright sensibly. Gain in speaking self-confidence! Your next lecture will be a breeze and you the winner!


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